Learn to use the TRX suspension trainer to turn your workout upside down!

This exclusive Motion Fitness TRX class combines muscular endurance and strengthening exercises for a full body workout that is easy to follow and always changing- just like you!

Never done TRX before? Feel great knowing we will take good care of you. Our classes are often formatted to have you with a partner or team, or in a circuit to better allow for 1-1 coaching and modifications by the instructor. We often design the class using HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). This is achieved by combining high intensity cardio intervals into a strength-based workout. HIIT training is proven to burn calories at a higher rate and give you the most bang for your buck. Plus, it’s fun!

What to wear: Wear comfortable workout clothes and tennis shoes for this class. (If the shoes are too bulky they can be difficult to maneuver when you put a foot in the strap so, choose something with a low profile.)

A few words from our clients:
“I love TRX! I have had limited mobility in my shoulders and was experiencing shoulder pain for years before I started taking TRX classes at Motion Fitness. After a few weeks of classes my shoulder pain was gone and my flexibility had increased significantly. The classes are a fun alternative to strength training with weights because I can feel my core working during every exercise. I am also surprised by how much my balance has improved from training on the TRX. When I started class I was new to TRX and now I do it every week!”

~Stephanie S.