• jessica roat Avatar

    This community has changed my life. I am learning how to push myself without injury, have found a consistently challenging workout regimen, and am making friends who hold me accountable. It is the best $$ I’ve ever spent on myself.

    jessica roat 2/22/2020
    William Schlosser Avatar

    Frankly I haven't been a patron yet, but as a 60 year old sports official who works 27 days a month for 7 months spring, summer and fall, I'll be in at some point this summer. My rating is based on the quality of the facility, and the comments posted; together being enough to sell me!
    I can hardly wait for those days when my body aches and pains are in need of attention by a professional!

    William Schlosser 4/23/2018
    Caitlin Spain Avatar

    This is such a fantastic company. The owner, Jessica, cares about her employees and about her clients. I have seen Candace for massage, and her style is very different from massage therapists at the big box stores. She listens to the body and muscles, and she is attentive to the pain that you might be experiencing. Best massage I've had in a long time. If you are looking for a quality massage, give Motion Fitness and Massage a call.

    Caitlin Spain 6/01/2020
  • Jennifer Bergman Avatar

    The team at Motion fitness are wonderful. Workouts are innovative and keep you interested while pushing you to do the best you can. They make a point to modify exercises as needed. I can not say enough about how good this fitness center and staff are

    Jennifer Bergman 3/20/2020
    Lauren Bland Avatar

    Motion Fitness offers a variety of classes taught by professional, friendly, knowledgeable instructors. The classes themselves are great- upbeat and challenging... I always leave feeling like I just had killer workout. Added bonus: the gym is located in an easily accessible spot with plenty of free parking.

    Lauren Bland 4/23/2020
    Scott Cohen Avatar

    Jessica and her team are TOP NOTCH. Great company and great work - thank you Jessica and thanks to the team.

    Scott Cohen 10/21/2020