• Tom Dupuis Avatar

    Jessica and her team are so welcoming and genuinely care about your health and goals. The classes are as intense as you want them to be (you find yourself pushing harder since other people are around, which is great). They have strength and fitness, TRX, boot camp, and other types of classes depending on what you like. They usually have multiple classes per day which you can book online according to your schedule. All the members are all so nice too. If you're looking for a welcoming group to get in shape for 2020, this is the ticket.

    Tom Dupuis 1/01/2020
    Jim Avatar

    Stephanie (world’s best - acupuncturist) and Jessica (also world’s best - massage therapist) have tag-teamed my lower back snow shoveling injury in the last week. I am feeling soooo much better today. This was my first time trying acupuncture-I can highly recommend these ladies!!

    Jim 11/12/2019
    William Schlosser Avatar

    Frankly I haven't been a patron yet, but as a 60 year old sports official who works 27 days a month for 7 months spring, summer and fall, I'll be in at some point this summer. My rating is based on the quality of the facility, and the comments posted; together being enough to sell me!
    I can hardly wait for those days when my body aches and pains are in need of attention by a professional!

    William Schlosser 4/23/2018
  • Brandee Goss Avatar

    I always have a good experience when I receive services at Motion Fitness and Massage!! Everyone is professional and friendly 😊 Thank you Jessica!!

    Brandee Goss 12/08/2020
    Nora Make Avatar

    I am so happy I found Motion Fitness and Massage! Between working, parenting, and getting a masters degree, I don't have a lot of time for personal wellness. I want to look forward to my workouts and know they will pay off! I have tried a lot of different places, but everything either felt too easy or too intimidating. As soon as I met Jessica at Motion Fitness, I felt comfortable and confident. Every workout I have tried there has been unique, fun, and challenging. I can't believe how quickly an hour goes, and how great I feel afterwards (as well as sore the next day!)

    Nora Make 11/01/2019
    Elizabeth Fritzler Avatar

    Motion has fun, challenging workouts that are always changing. I feel like I get a great balance of upper body, lower body and core work in each class. The instructors are helpful, encouraging and approachable. I've noticed significant changes in my muscle tone since I started going here two months ago. Love it!

    Elizabeth Fritzler 11/01/2019