• Hannah Lee Avatar

    I cannot say enough good things about Motion! The workouts are fun, effective (I have never been in better shape in my life), and offer a lot of variety. The trainers are super knowledgeable, passionate, and caring. There is an amazing community of members who will support and encourage you along the way. I've also had massages from a number of therapists, and they have all been great! Seriously, I've tried a lot of different gyms/fitness facilities, and Motion is truly special and I am grateful to be a part of it!

    Hannah Lee 3/20/2020
    Jennifer Bergman Avatar

    The team at Motion fitness are wonderful. Workouts are innovative and keep you interested while pushing you to do the best you can. They make a point to modify exercises as needed. I can not say enough about how good this fitness center and staff are

    Jennifer Bergman 3/20/2020
    William Schlosser Avatar

    Frankly I haven't been a patron yet, but as a 60 year old sports official who works 27 days a month for 7 months spring, summer and fall, I'll be in at some point this summer. My rating is based on the quality of the facility, and the comments posted; together being enough to sell me!
    I can hardly wait for those days when my body aches and pains are in need of attention by a professional!

    William Schlosser 4/23/2018
  • Tom Dupuis Avatar

    Jessica and her team are so welcoming and genuinely care about your health and goals. The classes are as intense as you want them to be (you find yourself pushing harder since other people are around, which is great). They have strength and fitness, TRX, boot camp, and other types of classes depending on what you like. They usually have multiple classes per day which you can book online according to your schedule. All the members are all so nice too. If you're looking for a welcoming group to get in shape for 2020, this is the ticket.

    Tom Dupuis 1/01/2020
    Lauren Bland Avatar

    Motion Fitness offers a variety of classes taught by professional, friendly, knowledgeable instructors. The classes themselves are great- upbeat and challenging... I always leave feeling like I just had killer workout. Added bonus: the gym is located in an easily accessible spot with plenty of free parking.

    Lauren Bland 4/23/2020
    Deanna Magee Avatar

    Signed up for a 6 week challenge needing a little motivation to loose the weight I gained after an injury. What a great challenge. Nutrition coaching, fitness classes and accountability. All of it helped me to get closer to my goal and meet some new friends. Classes are always creative and amazing. Never the same workout lots of variety and modifications for injuries. A fabulous massage after class is a must to keep the muscles in tune. Motion Fitness and Massage has both.

    Deanna Magee 10/06/2019