Casandra Morelli

While working on a farm in NorCal, Casandra worked in many different positions throughout the day and found herself in pain a lot of the time. Upon working at a farmers market, she began trading her fresh organic produce for bodywork from the therapist in the stall next to hers. She quickly found that she started feeling better with consistent stretching and massage whenever she could get it and began to open up to just how deep self care actually goes.

Upon returning to Colorado, she decided to pursue massage therapy school to help people find healing through touch. Learning about the human body had fascinated her to no end and helped her realize her desire to educate people in understanding and pursuing the health and wellness of their own bodies as well. She continues to use different methods to help manipulate the body’s tissues and guide it into healing. Some modalities she currently practices are myofascial and trigger point therapy, active release technique, sports, deep tissue, prenatal and is currently seeking to better herself in other areas such as Thai Yoga Massage so she can offer that in the future as well.