Wheat Ridge & Highlands Denver

Class Features:

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT workout)
Full-body cardiovascular, strength, and muscular endurance workout
Enthusiastic, dedicated instructor to cheer you on and help you accomplish personal goals
Differentiated formats and equipment for maximal enjoyment
Multiple variations of every exercise to challenge you no matter your current fitness level
Benefits include:

Full-body conditioning and movement transfer for every physical activity or sport
Enhanced fitness and stamina
Increased metabolism
Creative inspiration for at-home exercise

Class Features:

Easily-adjustable equipment to extend or modify the intensity of your exercise by just stepping closer to or further from the anchor
Instructor demonstrations and verbal cues and reminders throughout the workout
Varying formats designed for maximal benefits and seamless transitions
Personal and partner challenges to keep the workout exciting
Benefits include:

Strong, toned muscles (not the bulky kind, the sexy kind!)
Joint stability and injury prevention
Increased muscular endurance
Increased range of motion and flexibility

Class Features:

This class will strengthen and tone your muscles from head to toe using a variety of exercises for each muscle group. You will be challenged in ways you never expected in a strength class with a variety of body weight, TRX, Bosu, Medicine ball, Sand Bell and Free Weight exercises.

Class Features:

Please join us in a refreshing class intended to compliment our more traditional cardio and endurance classes. So often, we WORK for our workouts, but we forget to reward ourselves with the also beneficial movements that allow our muscles to unwind, our hearts and minds to relax. Just like yoga, this class will feature instructor-led exercises that are no impact and mostly stretching. We will use some Pilates and basic yoga postures in order to improve core strength and BALANCE and utilize the blocks, foam rollers, bands, and TRX machine.