Bootcamp often makes you think of a drill sergeant yelling in your face to work harder, but NOT HERE! At Motion Fitness, our instructors will encourage you to push yourself but we do it with a (usually sweaty) smile! We understand that an enthusiastic group to interact with can help you conquer some of the toughest challenges using a variety of obstacles and equipment, and that it’s equally important to listen to your own body and take breaks whenever you need to. You can be confident that you will never need to memorize part of a routine, and that Bootcamp will ALWAYS be a different workout to keep you and your body interested and inspired!

Our classes are often formatted to have you with a partner or team, or in a circuit to better allow for 1-1 coaching and modifications. We often design the class using HIIT (High intensity interval training). This is achieved by mixing high intensity cardio intervals into a strength workout. HIIT training is proven to burn calories at a higher rate and give you the most bang for your buck. Plus, it’s fun!

What to wear: Wear comfortable workout clothes and tennis shoes for this Denver Bootcamp class.