Baby Bootcamp

Baby Bootcamp

Baby Bootcamp

Congratulations on becoming a new mother! What an exciting season for you and your baby to start getting to know each other- morning… noon… and typically, alllll night! Here at Motion Fitness and Massage, we understand that your new schedule can be exhausting and overwhelming, yet incredibly rewarding. We encourage you and your child can share your love of movement. Please join us in a new class made exclusively for moms and babies to interact in a safe, healthy environment where nature and nurture go hand in (tiny, new) hand!

Prepare to experience the refreshing joy of taking care of your post-partum body with the little person who loves you most. You can expect a great workout designed to help you regain the strength and stamina necessary to keep up with your little one. Working out with your baby will also help him or her to establish healthier eating and sleeping patterns, relieve gas, colic, and reflux, and allow you to build a healthy physical and emotional bond with your child.

We understand that new mothers often fear the distractions their little ones may cause when they leave the comfort of their own home, we are all mothers here so don’t worry. We will work with you and your baby, sometimes with the baby in the carrier, safely attached, and sometimes with baby out to allow more interaction between mom and baby.

Please bring a carrier, a comfy blanket, and a soft toy for your child, and feel free to utilize any of our private nursing and changing rooms at any time. We look forward to getting to know and love you and your new little one and helping you get to know one another!

Class Features:
• Small classes of other new mothers and babies from 4-16 months
• Approximately half of class dedicated to interactive baby exercise, half with baby in the carrier
• Relief from gas, colic, and reflux for your baby
• Small and large motor skill development
• Post-partum body reshaping and refreshing exercise just for you

What to bring:
• Comfy clothes and gym shoes for you
• Baby carrier, blanket, and soft toys for your baby
• Bottles and nursing supplies

$25 Drop in
$115 5 pack (20 each)
$200 10 pack (17.5 each)
$350 20 pack (15 each)

$200/ month for Unlimited access to all classes and 2 Baby Bootcamps/ week (Month to Month)
$175/ month for 6 Month contract