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About Our Back in Motion Classes

About Our Back in Motion Classes

So… it’s been awhile since your last workout (maybe even years), but no need to worry! Maybe you had an injury, maybe you had a baby, maybe you just plain took a break, and NOW it’s time to get Back in Motion! With a slow-paced, no-impact strength and cardio fitness workout and a fun group who also knows the sometimes overwhelming feeling of coming back to exercise after a short (or long) time away, there’s no need to feel behind!

Back in Motion is a perfect class for anyone wanting to get into a routine but not quite sure where to begin or for people who no longer desire the impact of a tougher routine. With Maureen as your instructor, you will feel as if you just hired your own personal trainer but without the expense or the pressure of one-on-one goals and expectations. We are a close group who recognizes how tough it can be to revisit an old injury or revitalize a lulled spirit!

Please celebrate the skin you’re in, and let Motion Fitness and Massage help repair the strong, healthy person you deserve to be! With an encouraging instructor who specializes in technique-specific recovery fitness, you will feel better than ever after just the first class.

*If interested, please schedule a short consult just before or after your workout, and we will be sure to address all your concerns from joint repair to weight loss.